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2001 Ultra Avenger
2001 Ultra Fat Pounder
2001 Ultra Ground Pounder ST
2001 Ultra Ground Pounder
2001 Ultra Jackhammer ST
2001 Ultra Sledgehammer
2001 Ultra Titanium Series I
2001 Ultra Wide One
2001 Ultra Wide Two

 The Ultra Cycles QC (Quality Custom) Series runs counter to convention, redefining the term "stock" bike. Ultra Cycles are the first heavy weight cruisers that don't crave customization when they come off the line.

Not a Conventional Bike.

Ultra Cycles are built to include everything on your wish list.  And because they're designed as custom-styled bikes, they're not just a collection of your dream parts, but integrated rolling sculptures with superior fit, finish and attention to detail.


Not a Conventional Company.

At Ultra Cycles, they're proud of these American made bikes. They're confident they reflect their long term commitment to producing quality motorcycles. They're built to endure the test of time and are supported by an unsurpassed 4-year, unlimited mileage warranty.  After passing a strenuous 25 point inspection and road test, each bike is awarded the "QC" series mark of quality. It's the mark of a renegade.

Not a Conventional Rider.

Ultra Cycles are not intended for someone who wants to blend into the crowd.  Or for someone who shies away from muscle on the road.  These bikes reflect the daring personality of the rider; a renegade in search of a dream.

Style to Burn.

Ultra's low profile lines command envious, lingering looks at the curb or on the open road.  From the nostalgic, chopper-style Ultra Jackhammer, to the chrome and comfort of an Ultra Wide Two, all Ultra frames are long and low.  Raked front ends and precision stretched tanks boldly establish the distinctively streamlined look of an Ultra.  When we say these bikes are a reflection of your dreams, we're not kidding.  There's enough chrome and billet on an Ultra to reflect both you and the admiring crowd.  Each model has its own unique look, but you can count on standard features like chrome handlebar controls, chrome oil tanks and billet aluminum or chrome forward controls.  Plus billet or spoke wheels, billet final drive pulleys, billet triple trees and more.  Ultra bikes don't shine--they blind.  The advantages of custom styling go beyond appearance. Their custom seats are engineered to fit the contours of the bike--and you. Their ergonomic design ensures you move with the bike--and comfortable support makes sure you can still move after you park.  Ultra style is in a class all its own.

Raw Roaring Power.

Ultra Cycles feature top-of-the-line S&S engines, whose heritage and unsurpassed quality make them the envy of any custom bike builder. These soulful American V-twins will power you out of the corners, down the straight-away and into the destination of your wildest dreams. The 96 and 113 cubic inch motors and 5-speed close ratio transmission will put that power into motion, moving smoothly through the gears. Just snap the throttle and you'll harness the brute power on reserve. And Ultra's performance is not exactly its best kept secret. Despite meeting governmental standards, these bikes have an impressive roar when you rev up.

Dreaming in Color.

Ultra Cycles gives you the power to dream in color.  They offer the widest selection of stock paint schemes available--a true kaleidoscope of colors and patterns that begin with the traditional red flames and move into rolling canvases of artistic craftsmanship. Due to the high level of artistry in the Ultra Cycle paint process, every Ultra is as unique as its rider.  Each bike is a limited edition with more than enough variations in the finish to make it your own.  In addition to what can hardly be referred to as standard paint options, Ultra offers completely custom paint jobs for riders with an individualized eye for design.  And if you still have your own unique vision for your motorcycle, you can add options like chrome lower legs, chrome inner primary or billet wheels.  Of course we can help you with numerous options like windshields, saddlebags and other Ultra parts and accessories. This bike is your dream. We make it a reality.

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