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Custom Softail by V-Twin City

Radical Customs

V-Twin City offers several lines of production motorcycles that, for all intents and purposes, are truly custom bikes but for the person who wants to take a step beyond, there is the world of the radical custom. Hold on, because this baby is out there! One of a kind style, one of a kind paint. V-Twin City will offer design consultation, and if necessary, provide a full rendering, so you can see your dream bike before it's built. Building a radical custom falls into the expert's arena and V-Twin City has the talent and expertise to make this a real dream bike and not a nightmare!


Concept to Completion

When you purchase a custom built motorcycle from V-Twin City you are involved from concept to completion. This means our expert staff will build a motorcycle to your specifications, i.e: paint, graphics, color, engine, wheels, exhaust, etc.
10 Reasons

Compare this against buying  a stock Harley that needs thousands of dollars worth of work just to get a second look. When your V-Twin City Custom is complete, try this simple test; go for a ride and watch the heads turn. Then you will know what the term custom built really means!


At V-Twin City we are constantly working towards finding the right combination for our motorcycles. One example is in our transmissions. We have what we think is a real winning combination. A Harley case, teamed with a beveled and back cut gear set. This makes shifting at high RPMs a real dream. We do this with a close ratio 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear, hooked up to a 90 hp engine. You'll always be looking for your friends in your rear view mirrors. V-Twin builds all transmissions in house, to the most rigid specifications...just another example of V-Twin's quality and attention to detail.

Custom Wide Drive II by V-Twin City

Motor Building

At V-Twin City we have taken motor building to an artistic level. Using the latest technology and products, we know we have one hot engine. We combine OEM Harley parts with components like S&S lower ends, rods and pistons, Edelbrock heads, Dave Mackie cams, Jim's Machine hydraulics, Dyna ignition and Run Roader exhaust. The result is one very fast 89 incher! Why 89? Simple. They go fast and they don't break. So while the stroker jocks are sitting along side the road, you'll be riding on by.

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