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2001 Big Dog Boxer
2001 Big Dog Bulldog
2001 Big Dog Husty
2001 Big Dog Mastiff
2001 Big Dog Pitbull
2001 Big Dog Prosport
2001 Big Dog Vintage Sport
2001 Big Dog Wolf

Big Dog Motorcycles makes American cruisers as distinctive as their owners. Here are motorcycles built for discriminating riders who choose to explore their lives on less-traveled highways, who refuse to compromise their ride through time and distance.

And now, amid the flash and the power of the most exciting line in Big Dog Motorcycle's' history, their bikes for 2001 represent a millennial leap in performance, styling, comfort, dependability and functionality - the unmistakable ingredients of your satisfaction. Spend some time on a motorcycle with a sense of self as strong as you own. Learn more about these remarkable machines and the company that stands squarely behind them.

Big Dog Motorcycles  ...because the road goes on forever.

Big Dog Motorcycles are built to ride in the real world. While they have "show bike" looks and styling, Big Dog builds every motorcycle with the open road in mind.


While they emphasize performance and styling, they also focus on comfort and functionality.  Most of their models offer a rubber-mount motor and they have a long list of accessories (including many passenger oriented items).


At Big Dog they are quality control fanatics.  They pre-inspect 100% of their incoming parts, they pre-fire every motor, they have a 100 point inspection at the end of production, then they have an independent quality specialist do it again before the bike goes into finished goods.


We believe that a Big Dog motorcycle is not really sold until it has made its owner satisfied. That means that registration, insurance and financing are no problem.  It means that Big Dog bikes improve with age, giving years of enjoyment. It means that we relentlessly stand behind every motorcycle.

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