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The V-Twin City Story

The intention of V-Twin City, from the beginning, was to develop a one stop store. Long before the great Harley rush began, V-Twin was a trail blazer in the custom motorcycle market. Although we have kept a low profile, we wereManny Luby, President the innovator of the "so-called" super stores.

V-Twin's direction has always been geared toward quality service and customer satisfaction. We have achieved this by hiring only factory trained Harley mechanics and knowledgeable personnel. With rigid quality control, we feel our motorcycles are some of the finest in the country. How do we do this? Simple, the word compromise does not exist, and the results are obvious.

In this exciting motorcycle world, we are constantly on the lookout for new products and stay on the cutting edge of motorcycle design. Keep this in mind when you get caught in the maze of so-called custom bike builders and accessory shops. Then let V-Twin City be your guide to quality service and many miles(or kilometers) of enjoyment...

V-Twin City, Special Motorcycles For Special People


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Our Policy

V-Twin's policies are geared to our customers. Although we are one of the top Custom Bike Builders in California, we don't have a prima donna attitude when it comes to our customers.

Our warranties are sound and designed to protect the buyer. Even in marginal situations we will try to meet you half way.

Another key factor is our buying power which allows us to get the very best prices from our suppliers. And this savings is passed on to you.

V-Twin's policy is one of zero defects. Every repair, every motorcycle and every customer is treated with kid gloves. That's just the way we do it!

At V-Twin City the only attitude you'll find is in our motorcycles....Sit on one, then you will understand what we mean.

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V-Twin City, Special Motorcycles For Special People

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